will you still love me tomorrow? (2013)

goodmorning, public secret

Your main was never wild but We found it hard to speak

i have hope for you, strange dissociated mental image in my head!

for tunnel vision,.

i have hope for lazy eyes and monolids!

sometimes i look at you and i love you and the other half the time, if i could push you off a cliff, i would throw you

nicotine patches, covered latches, melted rain


im so smiley in every call every time i talk to someone i am Fine it’s Okay amd maybe i am Fine Okay but i think its really just that i caN’t Say to them stuff 

i don’t even mean this in an ‘oh ppity me i suffer so’ manner it’s just like Yes i am really very fine when talk to them bu t i really can’t tell them i don’ t feel well and i don’t know why


sleep sound / girl

make them GLow because they Do and that’s magical