i will collect the salt and sandpaper sayings and make books of them. and throw them at people on the street


i have no idea who sigmund sigil is or why my WordMind is so mad at him

John Olds 

they say he was the real sigmund sigil. he lay his foot on this ground and said fuck it. he called it HOME

for the true sigmund sigil sat upon his throne erroneously, as his venules burst and leaked through his robes and They declared this to be a ROYAL COLOUR

and what does this sullied name mean to you, you paper-wearing sonuvabitch? is that fucking lead tiara enough for you, or would you rather fill your gaze with gerundited malachite? 

we thought jet black was a stone, but we sit upon this throne erroneously

it’s gray out

this i can do

Commonly Announced Personal Mantras: 

   - “i’m okay”

   - “i’m going to die”

i used to like yellow light so much. cool lights used to irk me s o badly and i still like yellow lights i think cool lights would make me die but i am awake at night so often it’s always black and yellow lights and all the YELLOW in this HOUSE makes me want to scream WHAT THE FUCK

on down days it gets hard to tell which of us is which